I was SO lucky yo get to meet Dr. Kenneth Lacovara – the paleontologist who discovered Dreadnaughtus, the largest dinosaur to date! He works at my alma mater at the Edelman Fossil Park of Rowan University and taught my coworkers and I so much in the short amount of time we were there.

From my post on phl17.com:

Dr. Kenneth Lacovara is a South Jersey native and a paleontologist who discovered Dreadnoughtus – the most massive dinosaur for which we can calculate a weight!

Dreadnoughtus, which means “fears nothing,” was discovered by Dr. Lacovara and his team in Patagonia, Argentina in 2005. He is now the Director of the Edelman Fossil Park of Rowan University. This park is extremely unique to the Cretaceous Period because it contains fossils that mark the last day of the dinosaurs’ life on earth.

The quarry, located behind a Lowes in Matnua, NJ, holds 65-million-year-old fossils that students and enthusiasts can take home during special events. Rowan University plans to open a museum and visitors center in the near future to make the park more accessible to the public.

For more information, visit rowan.edu/fossils. To buy Dr. Lacovara’s book, “Why Dinosaurs Matter,” click here.

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