I love the Museum of the American Revolution and their commitment to telling the entire story of our nation’s history. This event was awesome and a great learning experience!

From my post on phl17.com:

“It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the role that indigenous people of various Native American nations played in the founding of our country, and the continuing relevance of Native people to American society today,” says Dr. R. Scott Stephenson, Vice President of Collections, Exhibitions, and Programming who has recently been appointed as President and CEO of the Museum.

Indigenous Peoples Weekend is a celebration of indigenous peoples and cultures at the Museum of the American Revolution. The events fall on Columbus Day Weekend with panel discussions, demonstrations, and presentations – and the weekend ends with a performance on the Museum’s Plaza. Oneida Indian Nation dancers perform traditional Haudenosaunee social dances in authentic dress, with stories and explanations in between dances. Jordan Smith, who belongs to the Mohawk Nation and is a member of the Bear Clan, explains why this event is so important to the Native population.

For more information on Indigenous Peoples Weekend or to plan your trip to the Museum of the American Revolution to see the Oneida exhibit and more, check out their website.

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