David McBride contacted us about his children’s book becoming a movie, which I thought was really cool considering he is from South Jersey, like me! But I was in for such a treat when I met David. Not only does he have an awesome story, he is one of the most authentically kind and passionate people I have ever met. It is so inspiring to watch people succeed in the field they love.

From my post on phl17.com:

“I was inspired to write a story that would tell kids that these differences make us unique and our society rich and vibrant.”

Local author and animator, David McBride, shares his book “Kazumi the Racecar Pig” and teaches children that it’s okay to be different. David not only wrote and illustrated this childrens’ book, but he is also animating the book into a short film. He is working with voice actors, Anna Brisbin and Jason Marsden, as well as Japanese artists, Tomo Tam and Yukari Obana, who are writing original music for the film.

David also speaks at schools about his book and the importance of kindness and acceptance. To learn more, visit DavidMcBrideAnimation.com.

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