The Sales Tape for the Philadelphia Ad Club is a video that local television stations present at a luncheon to ad agencies in attendance as a way to promote what is coming up in the fall. In the past, members of our sales team would use the tape to send to clients in hopes of persuading them to buy commercials on our air. Because of websites and other technologies, the tapes aren’t really used in that way – so the luncheon is an outlet to be creative (and for us, silly).

This was my first year making the video (probably 90% of what you see I shot, wrote, and edited) and it was a long and stressful process, but I’m happy with the result. Fun fact – I cried meeting Jerry Springer at the first event I worked at PHL17 because I was so happy I actually made it to the television industry and met a famous person – and now I’m working with him and his team by having him read my script!

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