Richmond Garrick is an extremely talented and inspirational artist from Sierra Leone who works with my husband, which is how we met. I am so lucky our paths crossed – Mr. Garrick has overcome and accomplished so much, and it was incredible to see so much of his amazing art in one room.

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Richmond Garrick is an artist and teacher at Williamstown High School who grew up in Sierra Leone and rose from extreme poverty. In his exhibit “Profound” at Clay College, he uses his art to express the trauma he has experienced because of the Sierra Leone Civil War – and as a way to give a voice to those oppressed by war.

To learn about Richmond Garrick’s inspirational story and to see more of his work, head to Richmond Garrick Studio.

And to learn more about the child soldier phenomenon, read here. You can help by writing letters to the United Nations to push them to enact an international accord to prevent children below the age of 16 to be involved in armed combat – and hold war lords, rebel leaders, and revolutionary groups culpable of a crime.

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